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Tromaville has a monstrous new hero. The Toxic Avenger is born when meek mop boy Melvin falls into a vat of toxic waste. Now evildoers will have a lot to lose.
Melvin is a social misfit who works in the Tromaville Health Club. He is always suffering the abuse of two bullies and their respective girlfriends and the four are also murderers. But all the abuse is going to end when Melvin accidentally falls into some barrels with toxic material. Now he is "The Toxic Avenger" and soon he will be the hero of Tromaville and a menace to the corrupt mayor.
Yes, I admit it: This is my favorite film of all time. I know you think I am a crazy person for thinking this, but look at this film: it is brilliantly done. FIrst of, this film is funny. Makes me laugh, the best scene is the Mexican restaurant scene. "Alright everyone…Drop your tacos or I'll blow your brains out!" Great right there. Film has many funny moments. Second, this film has some good kills/gore. The "weight lifting" head crush is one of the best kills in any film. May not look great but this IS an independent film, so it does not have the best special effects. Third, this has an excellent storyline. Toxie and Sara (or SARAH as it is spelled in Citizen Toxie) make the film more heartwarming to viewers. 4th, this actually has a message. Just because someone looks disfigured, or is a monster does not mean they are bad: They could be good. Name another film that mixes comedy, horror, romance, and action together perfectly? Maybe others do, but not like this. This IS a good film, and I don't care who you are,I don't care if you hate Troma, I think everyone should see this film once in their life. This film always makes me happy when I am depressed or sad, because if a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength can get a girlfriend, maybe I can. So see this film, it is wonderful. Recommended for EVERYONE! 10/10
Troma Films is legendary in the New York/New Jersey area, where most of their films are shot. (I was on site during the filming of a crowd scene for "Class of Nuke'Em High" in Paramus, New Jersey during the summer of '85, but to be honest I've never been able to find myself on screen in the movie.) The Toxic Avenger is arguably Troma's most accomplished work, and remains its most famous/popular film. Oddly enough, despite the tasteless humor and constant gross-out scenes in this movie, the title character spawned several sequels (of varying quality) and was eventually re-cast as a kid friendly cartoon character (!) with an environmental message in the late '80s that resulted in a line of comic books, toys and action figures!! Watching this gutbustingly hilarious 1985 classick (pun intended) now, it's hard to believe how far "Toxie" came. The Toxic Avenger's humor is definitely not for everybody, but if you're from Jersey, you are hereby required to rent it at least once. On a side note, Joe Zarro, who appears in this film as the proprietor of the dry cleaner's shop, taught English and Film Studies at Paramus High School in the late 1980s. His star turn in "Toxic Avenger" was widely known among the student body, yet he seemed somewhat embarrassed by it and naturally, he wouldn't even consider screening it for our class. What a shame!!
Despite borrowing from sources as diverse as Frankenstein and The Producer, it all falls apart after an hour.
Yes, it's true. The so-called Unrated Extended Cut was released in Germany on VHS and features the well-known Unrated Version plus the deleted scenes reintegrated into the movie. Therefore this versions is nearly 12 minutes longer than the Director's Cut. In the UK, the cult film (that by now spawned 3 sequels) was released in a shortened version on VHS as well as DVD. Only the VHS tape released by Vipco and a very rare edition released by Troma are uncut. All shortened versions are missing nearly four and a half minutes of footage. Not sure if she appears in the theatrical, but she is definitely in the DC. She may be in the crowd when the lights come on and Melvin is kissing the sheep (with the red bikini)… but if you REALLY want to get a good look at her, go near the end of the film. When Toxie goes back to the gym later in the movie to take care of Julie (Cindy Manion), he confronts her by a mirror. A woman screams and Toxie spins around to see… Marisa Tomei (in a full body blue and purple striped swimsuit), who promptly spins around and runs away.
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